Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunny Daze

It's been a while since I've been here to post anything. A lot going on and I've been busy.

As the the temperatures start to fall and sure signs of Autumn are making their presence known here in New England signaling the end of summer and a new new season upon us, so do the winds of change blow in my own life.

When I started this blog back in the spring, it was with great enthusiasm and hope of all things new and exciting. I mainly classified my blog as a knitting blog, but knew it would be more than that in the creativity department. I do lots of things and knew I would want to talk about those other crafty things too. But I've also talked about personal issues and opinions. I've lamented about some not so happy things that have happened at some point in my life and in my head. I've talked about fun things and silly things too.

These days, I deal with a lot of personal internal struggle about the direction(s) my life should go. I try to stay busy with the knitting and sewing and quilting to keep that aspect of my life alive and ongoing. But sometimes it isn't enough to overcome overwhelming feelings of stress, depression, dread, fear and uncertainty. Suffice it to say, I'm still here and am still breathing and am still trying to figure things out. To say the very least, it has kept me away from the blogger as I've not had much enthusiasm about projects I'm working on, nor have I had the true desire to sit here and type for the words just don't come easily and readily the last few weeks.

All the while, I've kept reading your blogs and have enjoyed watching your summers unfold with all your great projects and food and activities and families and friends.

As of this moment, I just don't know how often I'll get back here to write. I'm hoping the blogging mojo will kick in again soon and I can cheerily chatter on about my projects a few times a week like I once did not so very long ago. In the meantime, I'm just kind of in a fog...or a daze, if you will, and know not what to do...or what to anyone...about anything.

On an up note, I did manage to hit a few yard sales this summer and found a few things that definitely made improvements in my life - i.e. - a sewing machine! A nice one that works great and does everything I need it to do. Because of that nifty little purchase, I've been able to get back to the quilting I sooooooo longed for. Am currently working on a quilt of the small people kind: something for a grandbaby. I pieced the top last week and now have it in the frame doing the quilting (by hand of course). So in addition to the what seems like 47 different knitting projects I have under way, so do I now have the quilt projects up and running too. YAY!!!! I'll post photos at some point of the current quilt project and the one that will follow immediately after (2 quilts in the works). I can't really post pics now as it would spoil surprises for the intended. And I know the mama of the recipient(s) reads this blog!

I hope you all had a fabulous summer. I hope the Autumn will bring even greater joys to you all. Fall is my favotite time of year and I live in the perfect place for such a season. Fall in New England is truly spectacular - just like what you see in magazines, books and TV. This particular Autumn I think will be new beginnings for me and I hope to lavish in all it's autumnal beauty and splendor while trying to figure things out.

Hope to see you all soon!


  1. Hi, Kathleen! I'm sorry to hear you find yourself in a difficult place right now...that even crafting is not solace or happiness. I hope you will be able to take the time you need to find your balance...and get your mojo back. :o) I've been feeling overwhelmed myself of late, so I can relate very much to what you are saying. I'm taking a tiny blog break this week to try and catch up on many things--including myself--LOL!. But still visiting everyone. Wishing you a beautiful autumn...may the new season hold some new surprises and sweetness for you. ((HUGS))

  2. Sorry you've been feeling so down lately. I hope you can find your blogging/sewing/knitting mojo soon. Hopefully the beautiful New England autumn will also help cheer you up. ;-)

  3. Your photograph is beautiful and the purchase of the sewing machine sounds very exciting!
    I'm sorry you've been feeling blue.
    I sometimes feel like that too
    ...sending you love and understanding.

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    I have posted the partners and a link to the Christmas stocking swap details on my blog. You will be swapping with me so if you could email me then we can swap postal details. Do check my blog for the details and postal dates. there is a button you can take if you want it. This should be alot of fun and may help you find your blog mojo. Lovely photograph too very atmospheric!

  5. Blogs can be like some relationships. They can become very exhausting. When that happens, I have to make something new up. My halloween costume posts from the 60s, 70s have helped me this month. Otherwise, I would have been toast. Like you said - my blog mojo got up and went. Things ebb and flow. When you're inspired, you'll return, I'm sure. I've deleted so many blogs...this one now is my longest run, and daily, I think of reinventing myself on a different blog.