Monday, October 19, 2009

A Sneak Peek

This is a tiny 'sneak peek' at what's happening on the Christmas Stocking Swap front. This has been so much fun to do. I get to work on it a little at a time as time allows...and as I feel like it. I was put on some new meds this past week and OH BROTHER...have they made me sick! But each day gets a little better and all should be fine in a couple of weeks.

But anyway, in the mean time, I do a little here and there and mainly I've been working on Molly's stocking. I love to make Christmas stockings. I made them for all of my six children...and for all of my eight grand children. And I've made a gazillion others through the years for various reasons. They are just fun to do mainly because there are sooooooooo many different ways they can be made. The possibilities are endless. So it never gets old and each one is like doing a stocking for the very first time.

I can't divulge more than this today as this is a surprise for Molly, but a little teaser isn't a bad thing either!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was quiet and mostly spent under the quilts on the bed as it was cold and wet outside. But really perfect weather for staying snuggled up and still while trying to adjust to new medication. Sometimes things really do work out for the best - even if it does involve crappy weather.

Have a knit pickin good day y'all!


  1. This is looking really interesting. Love the fabric. Glad you are joying this. This is the second Christmas swap and I hope to make it an annual event. Did I send you a Flickr invite to add any photos to a special stocking group?

  2. I love these little sneak peaks into my stocking. I think this is going to be a neat swap. Take care

  3. This is too much of a tease, Kathleen! When will we get to see?! ;o) Pretty fabrics... Do hope you'll be feeling better soon...and get to do more stitching... ((HUGS))