Thursday, August 20, 2009

Knit Pickin' - Catching Up

A few weeks ago I posted about some knitted throw pillows I was working on. I finished them recently but am just now getting around to showing you the finished product.

Whilst working on these, I got side tracked with making pincushions...aaaand working on a couple of other knitted projects...aaaand keeping up with every day life. I get all scattered like that very often as I think of new projects I want to take on while I'm working on something else. I have a hard time waiting to start something new, so the current project gets put to the side until I've done enough on the new project to warrant guilt for dropping the previous project in favor of the new one.


It takes me a while to complete said projects - but I do get them completed...eventually.

So, these nifty little striped knitted throw pillow were fun to do. They were absolutely mindless in the knitting. I wanted something simple in design and technique. It was about having fun with the colors.

Normally I knit with nice wools...usually Merino wool - and the softer the better! But when searching for yarn to do accent pillows, the colors I came up with in the various wools available to me fell quite short of what I was looking for. I found nothing that would even begin to coordinate with what I have going in my living room. I don't usually use acrylics of any kind, but I saw this stuff in A.C. Moore and knew it was what I needed to do the job.

These yarns are from the Vanna White Collection by Lion Brand yarns. They're very soft without being fuzzy, so little chance of pilling with wear and tear. They're nice and springy and form quite nicely to whatever gauge I need for the project. And it was really quite nice to work with. I enjoyed it very much...and still am!

So now I have cool little colorful pillows that will please for a long time to come. There are more of these little gems in the hopper; same colors but different patterns. Will end up with about ten pillows by the time it's all said and done. I LOVE throw pillows...and the more the better!

So now I'm off to work some on the one I currently have on the needles before I get summoned to do something else that will take me away from it till who knows when!

Have a knit pickin' good day ya'll!


  1. The cushions are beautiful, cheerful! And I love that plum-color yarn and basket-weave pattern of what's on your needles now... Wonder that that will be?! Happy Day :o)

  2. I like the way you've made the edging stripey too! I'm in the process of making throw pillows too. They're fun to make. =>