Monday, August 10, 2009

Pincushions Galore!

It's been a while since I've been here. It's been kinda busy tending to the daily necessities of life. Yes, there is more to life than knitting, crocheting, quilting, know, all that really important stuff.

In between taking care of the things that need taking care of, I've been making these little crocheted pin cushions. Mostly I've done them late at night while trying to unwind enough to go to sleep.

I saw this pattern on Ravelry. It was written in Danish and I by no means speak or even begin to understand the language, spoken or written. So I just kinda looked at the picture and 'ciphered' it for myself thataway.

I thought it was just too cute not give it a shot. It's so easy and so much fun to make. I plan to make more...some to give as gifts for quilters and seamstresses I know.

I've mainly used Sugar-N-Cream Cotton yarns for these. I have so much of it leftover from the potholder making jag I was on a few weeks ago. I've made a couple of them from some Merino wool I have, but I really prefer the cotton for the function-ability it creates for the cushion itself. It will keep pins and needles nice and sharp constantly pushing them into the stiff cotton. The pins slide easily in and out of the cushion, but the texture of the cotton will be good for keeping points sharp.

This is a PERFECT project for that bag full of little scraps of yarn you just don't know what to do with.

What's been the most fun is digging through old buttons and buying new ones too for the centers of the cushions. I've come up with some great vintage glass buttons and some other fun stuff too. I've seen a few of these made up with little crocheted flowers in the centers. I tried that, but I prefer the look of the old, and the glitzy, and the fun colored buttons.

My mother had two little pincushions like these when I was a little girl and I know those cushions were old back then. They'd been given to her by her mother. So this pattern has been around for a very long time. The ones I see online now may be a very slightly different version of the old ones my mother had, but not by much.

While I knit and crochet and do whatever it is I do through the day, this is my partner in crime. The cat is always there to check out the latest project in the works. Once he's scoped it out and decides it's OK for me to proceed, he curls up in my lap or beside me where ever I happen to be.

All my projects are "Dinkus" approved. I call him 'Dink', 'Dinkus', 'Dinky Doo', 'Kubla Kraus', 'Joe', ...whatever pops into my head at the moment that seems to fit his personality at that particular moment. That's why he's never had just one name. There are too many different facets to his personality and one name is not fitting all the time. Remarkably, he responds to what ever name he's called at any given moment. He just seems to know he's no ordinary cat.

So any time you see a project here that's been marked 'Dinkus Approved', you'll know it's of top notch quality and satisfaction guaranteed. If it's been sniffed, rubbed on, purred over and 'bisquit making tested', then it's good to go!

I hope to get to post a little more often the next couple of weeks, but we'll see.

In the mean time, I hope you're having a knit pickin' good summer!


  1. I love stuff like this. Lots of colors. I could never knit!

  2. Hi Jenn!

    Oh this stuff is sooo much fun. And YES, you could knit if you wanted to. It's just playing with sticks and string. You're playing around with these wondrous little things and POOF! day it just clicks and before you know it, you're making wearable art. It's just cool stuff.

    These little pincushions are so much fun to make. If you tell me your fave color/colors, I'd love to send you one. And maybe one each for your mom and Becky too since they are very handy with needle and thread! I already know what colors to do Becky's!

  3. Your pincushions are so sweet. I especially like the one with the little rose button.
    Your cat sounds like she's a good girl ~ mine occasionally swats me if I crochet while she's sitting on my lap!