Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ain't Got No Mo Rocca

The Ravelry community chose to beat up on Mo Rocca because of an arbitrary comment he made about hand knit sweaters: "Home made sweaters are always itchy". Uh oh. It's time to duck and cover. In coming!!! Mo had better cover his itchy ass! And beat up on him the knitting community did - in the form of harsh comments on Ravelry...which made their way to Mo's eyes. Rebuttal was in order. The result was this story on CBS Sunday Morning.

I wish to post a disclaimer here: Mo says at one point during the story that a person should not "drink and knit". Drinking and knitting CAN and DO go together. Just ask Crazy Aunt Purl . I did a lot of drinking and knitting while going through my last divorce. It's not to say that the next day you won't discover grave mistakes in your knitting and subsequently have to frog the project because you have NO recollection of knitting any stitches at all the night/day before! But yes, they can co-exist.

So, I like Mo. I even liked him when he was doing the crazy comments on 'This is The 80's' etc...on VH1 years back, stupid as a lot of those comments were. But he was kinda cute in a raggedy old teddy bear that needs a little repair kinda way- even with the little hint of lisp he has; and I hate listening to people with a lisp. But that's another post for another time. I'm proud of him for "movin' on up" to CBS news. Can we look forward to Mo taking Katie's place on the CBS Evening News? Probably not. But one can dream......

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