Monday, March 15, 2010

After The Sunday Funnies...Muckity Monday

For most of us, Monday is a dreaded day. I don't know who made up the rule that Mondays are foul. I think we should hunt this person down and make him/her experience every 'Monday thing' there is. Then maybe Mondays would be given a slightly better reputation as ' just another day' so as to avoid all the yucky 'Monday-ness' we so whole heartedly swallow each and every week.

In any case seeing as how this is not likely to happen, I will do my tiny little part to make Mondays seem more tolerable. So here on my little blog, Mondays are here after known as "After The Sunday Funnies...Muckity Monday". Why did I name it this you ask? Mainly just because. I could leave it at 'after the sunday funnies' or 'muckity monday'. Or 'funny muckities' or 'sunday mondays'. Or 'sunny funday' or 'funny mucks'. Or 'f****ity muckities'....well, you get the picture. Mondays are usually all discombobulated and messed up like that. So it seems fitting that the post title on this day should be too. I mean, I can't totally clean up Mondays and not leave something in it messed up. So the post title it is!

I will insert some little one liner funny...usually pertaining to an effort to lift the spirits of those readers who are mired in Monday hell, i.e. - me. But I'm not ruling out taking jabs at other Monday things too. Knitting is on the menu for today. Ziggy. Just can't go wrong with Ziggy.

Have a " sunny muckity funny Monday" ya'll!

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