Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Wishes

I know my visits to the blog are few and far between,
But I'm stopping by a moment now to say "Happy Halloween"!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello. My name is Kathleen and I'm a Knitaholic.

I took this little quiz and found out I'm a knitholic of the worst kind. But I'm not ashamed to admit it and I choose NOT to join K.A. Nuff said. Take the quiz and see where you rank on the knitaholic scale!

Have you ever...
•decided to kick the habit only to "fall off the yarn wagon"?
•knit alone or first thing in the morning?
•gone on a knitting binge?
•had a craving for just a little yarn fix?
•been a pusher, turning others on, even minors, to this habit?
•experienced blackouts..finding yarn in your stash you swear you never bought?

Are You...
•an adult child of a knitter?
•a compulsive overknitter?
•living in denial...
•telling yourself you actually save money by knitting clothes and gifts?
•believing you can save on therapy bills by knitting?
•certain that you can quit any time you want?
•calling yourself a social or recreational knitter?
•Has your cat ever gotten "messed up" after getting into your stash again?
•Is your definition of a "needle exchange" different than that of non-knitters?
•Is too much yarn never enough for you?
If you can answer yes to...
•10 or more questions - you may be a knitaholic
•8-9 questions - you may be a compulsive overknitter
•6-7 questions - you may be a yarn junkie
•4-5 questions - you may be a chronic social knitter
•0-3 questions - you are living in denial or you're at the wrong web site!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

After The Sunday Funnies....

I tried roller blading...once. I fell and broke my leg the first time out. Haven't done it since. But I guess I would strap them on again in exchange for kids getting interested in knitting or crocheting...or something creatively different to help them see there's more to life than cell phones, texting, video games and computers. Maybe next time I'll hold some yarn while blading to keep my balance. Yea. That's it. I was 'improperly' balanced when I tried it the last time.... ;o)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time For A Pop Quiz

I found this little quiz in one of the knitting daily newsletters I get in my email. I took the quiz and found out I'm 100% nonsense. It was fun! Take it and see what kind of yarn you are, then pass on the quiz to someone you know! Copy and paste link into your browser.

Have a knit pickin' good day ya'll...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day Comments and Graphics for MySpace, Tagged, Facebook
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Try not to labor today. Even a cookout is laboring. Order takeout ~ and have it delivered!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Now You See Her, Now You Don't

So...Hello. Howahya? It's been awhile - again. I disappeared from the blogoshpere as per usual. Am wedging in a bit of screen time here to say hello and I've missed you all.

It's been one crazy, hectic summer around the old homestead here. New jobs. New home. New life. New aches and pains. No knitting. No creating of any kind for several weeks now. Not even enough time or ability to sneak a peek here and there at your lovley blogs. So I'm completely out of the loop!

The big things on the list here are the major life changes...and the being put on the injured list. Seems I've developed a whopping case of carpal tunnel in both hands and BROTHER has it been a pain! It literally came out of the blue and knocked me backwards. Looking back now I can see where I've been having some problems for several months. But I chalked it up to the usual arthritic pain and stiffness and kept about my daily business.

Now am in splints on both hands full time indefinitely. Typing, knitting, crafting of pretty much any kind, even just the usual mundane daily tasks are off the list indefinitely. I'm cheating somewhat today to sneak in a short bit of blogging and catching up on email and what not. But it ain't easy!!!...and I can see where it's going to be a long time coming getting back to normal stuff. Surgery may be on the horizon.

Anyway, lots of missing all of you. Lots of missing writing. Lots of missing pretty much everything. Am hoping am allowed sooner than later to at least be able to surf the internets and keep up with all of you of course. A few more visits to the doc's office and we'll see.

I hope you all are having a fabulous summer and are now looking forward to the fall season with your creativities. I sincerely hope to see you soon ;0)

Have a knit pickin' good summer and fall ya'll !

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Granny's Back In Town

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of a few of the projects I've been busy with the last few months. Today it's all about the Granny square afghan I made for my new little niece in Texas.

This is
Miss Brittania Anne
Born June 15, 2010.

My sister sent me this picture a few days ago. It had the caption "I'm supposed to be sleepin'". She has her days and nights turned around right now and this picture was taken at two in the morning. I'm thinkin' judging by this picture, baby thinks it's pretty funny. Poor mom!

I love Granny Square afghans. I make them. I buy them at thrift shops and yard sales. I love the classic look of it. It's a very enjoyable pattern to crochet and there are so many ways it can be configured color and pattern-wise. It's my favorite thing to crochet and I chose it for the new baby. I considered other patterns...and doodled around making various blocks and strips. I settled on the granny.

I chose Bernat Sport baby yarns for this. It needed to made of something that's very washable and 'wag-able'. But it's very soft and I love the feminine color combination. It should be good to drag around for a few years.

Have a knit pickin' good day ya'll!

Monday, July 19, 2010

After The Sunday Funnies...Muckety Monday

Yes, as parents and even as grandparents we have to sacrifice some things so the children can benefit. Some sacrifice more than others!

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Deceptive Practices

Looks can be deceiving sometimes. I saw this picture on the internets the other day and did a double take once I read the description. All this lovely crafting stuff is not real. It's a cake. Yes, you read it right...a cake.

If you're like me, you watch a lot of WE TV and Food Network. For a while now the more popular programming has to do with weddings (Oh David Tutera, please come design my dream wedding...mmmmmm). I love 'Amazing Wedding Cakes' on WE. 'Cake Boss' is good too. I'm always blown away by what can be done with cake, frosting and sugar. Some of the ideas the clients come up with for their cakes is mind blowing at times...whether beautifully embellished classic...or totally off the wall designs that no one would ever dream of ~ usually.

The work is always detailed, stressful and incredibly satisfying when it's complete.

The only thing I have a hard time with is knowing these cakes are out in the open for days at a time while being designed and decorated. Loads of fondant is rolled and handled for hours and days...with bare hands. You NEVER see the cake artists washing their hands before handling food. It makes me wonder just how sanitary it really is by the time it's finished and served to a multitude of wedding and various party guests. the cake FRESH when served? After days of being handled at room temperature and being refrigerated repeatedly, it makes me wonder. It makes me somewhat squeamish thinking about it and I lose my appetite for cake. It also makes me VERY aware of what I'm doing in my own kitchen while baking or doing cooking of any kind. Erring on the side of caution isn't such a bad thing.

But I'm always impressed with the finished product on these shows. The cake artists are truly artists indeed. Bravo!

Have a knit pickin' good day ya'll!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pinky and The Brain Brain Brain Brain....

I woke up with this ditty in my head the other day. I don't know why because I haven't heard it since my youngest child was in Jr. High...and that was some years ago.

From the time she was in the third grade until she was nearly grown, her favorite cartoon on TV was 'Animaniacs'. We watched it together...a lot. My faves of all the different characters and their shorts were 'Pinky and The Brain', 'Mindy and Buttons' and 'Good Idea. Bad Idea'. Pinky and The Brain were mutated lab mice who lived together in a lab somewhere...I'm assuming here in the U.S. The Brain was always scheming dastardly ways to conquer the world. Pinky was his not so bright goofy little side kick with a british accent who said "narf!" a lot. The introduction to the cartoon was a song that if you heard it only a couple of times, stayed with you forever. It was always fun to watch.

'Good Idea. Bad Idea.' was just down right funny. Just a few seconds long, it consisted of a strange looking skull head/skeleton/stick figure of sorts doing things that were good ideas and bad ideas. The narration of each one was voiced by Tom Bodett...the infamous Alaskan DJ who found world wide fame narrating Motel 6 commercials and saying "We'll leave the light on for ya". These silly little good/bad ideas were the best. Nuff said.

Mindy and Buttons - a toddler named Mindy and her dog named Buttons. The mother of Mindy was always leaving her in the care of Buttons, usually in the backyard, to be watched over by him while mom was busy doing something else, being the speaker at meetings about better parenting or being honored as mother of the year. Ha! Needless to say, all kinds of chaos ensued involving Mindy getting into trouble of some sort...without her realizing she was in trouble...and Buttons was the one who took the brunt of physical pain and mental anguish trying to keep her out of trouble. "Silly Puppy". When Mindy's mother would speak to her on her way out, Mindy would always say "OK lady". Mom would try to get her to say 'Mom'. The effort was fruitless. When mom left the room, Mindy would say "OK lady. I Love you. Buh-bye".

My child picked up on that and to this day when we end a phone call, she says in a squeaky little Mindy voice "OK lady. I Love you. Buh-bye." She signs all her emails to me that way too. I wouldn't trade that...or the years we spent watching those silly cartoons together for anything in the world. THAT'S priceless.


Have a knit pickin' good weekend ya'll...and "OK ladies. Love you. Buh-bye!"