Friday, June 12, 2009

Knit Pickin'

I finished the alpaca scarf I was working on last week. It only took a couple of days to complete the project. This was an enjoyable thing to do. It's an abbreviated version of a cable knit. I like the soft tucks as they twist through the length of the scarf. It's heavy and perfect for the harsh cold that can exist here in New England in the winter months. It goes into the stash of things that are going to be offered up for sale later this year.

I started another scarf yesterday. This one is made with Naturally Caron 'Country' merino wool blend. The color is 'green sheen'. It's wonderful to work with also. This will drape and hang beautifully on a coat/ jacket or alone as an accessory to a blouse or a casual dress. It's being done in the same abbreviated cable but with three columns instead of one. It should be pretty
nice when it's done.

I think this one will take a little longer to do because the ply is much smaller. It is a twelve ply cable and looks like really big embroidery thread. But the stitches are nice and I can tell it will shape nicely when it's finished.

It has done nothing but rain here for the last two weeks. There's really nothing to do but sit and knit. Yard sale-ing has been a bust because of it. I get out and walk every day but I think am gonna have to keep it in today. Just too damn wet. BUUUUUUT.....the upside to the down trodden weather is that I do get to knit...and knit...and knit. Even Cat and Dog allow me to do so as they just sleep when the weather is like this. Dog goes into 'rain mode' and won't go outside 'til it dries up. She'd rather explode than have to go outside to pee-pee and risk getting her feet wet. Wish I had a bladder of steel like she does. The rain just makes me have to go pee-pee...every 30 minutes. It's ridiculous :p Cat just sleeps in his little bed under my bedside table. It's cozy and sometimes I wish I could stuff myself under there and snooze the day away too.
Well, back to the knitting for now. Am still vascillating about whether or not I wanna get out and walk today. I go around noon or so. That's about an hour from now. Maybe I'll get lucky and drift off into 'snooze land' myself whilst I knit. Yes, I think that will be the plan for the day after all. The rain ain't so bad ;)

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