Friday, June 12, 2009

Motion Sickness While Knitting? - Youbetcha!

I spent all of this past weekend sick. It kind of came out of the blue. I had a bad case of the trots and a very queasy stomache to go along with it. At first I thought it may have been caused by some chinese take out we'd had the previous day. But it lasted too long for that. I finally concluded that it was a bug of some sort and it was gonna have to run it's course...while it had me running to the bathroom every few minutes for the better part of 72 hours. It was not fun.

I hadn't been ill like that in quite some time. It took me by surprise and really disrupted my normal daily routine, if you can call what I do a routine. But the fact remains is that it sucked... and it screwed up my days for about three days.

In the interim, I tried to find ways to keep on top of things that still needed to be done, like the shopping, and errand running, and figuring out meals, and taking care of the critters, blah, blah, blah. I did the bare minimum of those things....yes! the critters stayed fed and watered, so don't even say it. The rest of the time, I would plop on my bed (mainly because my bathroom is only 5 feet away) and try to ride the waves of ill that would wash over me.

Normally I knit a few hours every day. I do stuff online each day too. I write the blog...and read a bunch of others also. There's always the daily email bull shit to sift through. I respond to those worth responding to; the rest get trashed. But as I tried to wrestle with being physically miserable, I also wrestled with this stuff . Reading wasn't doing it for me. The TV was of no interest. Listening to music didn't wash. Doing computer stuff was pretty much out altogether. Eating was TOTALLY out of the question. Attempted sleep would be interrupted by running to the bathroom every few minutes.

The only thing I found myself half way wanting to do was knit. I was still working on the alpaca scarf and wanted it finished sooner than I have a gazillion other projects in my head I want to get to also.

I attempted to knit several times over the course of this 3 day 'puke and shit' fest. Each time I would pick up the knitting and start to find my rhythym, waves of horrid nausea would wash over me. When I put the knitting down, the nausea would subside. I did this 3 or 4 times in the course of one day and deduced that I was getting "motion sickness" from knitting.

It all had to with the rhythmic clacking of the needles and watching those needles go uuuuup....and dooooooown. Uuuuuuup.....and dooooooown. Uuuuuuuup....and dooooooown. Now mind you, I don't really knit as slow as those waves of "ups and downs" make it seem. But for some reason, while knitting, it felt like I was doing it in slow motion...on a slow boat to China.

In reality, I get horrid motion sickness while reading in any kind of a moving vehicle. I CANNOT do it. If I do, the driver will eventually have to pull over so that I can jump out and "toss the poverbial cookies". Knitting or crocheting, not so bad while riding, but I do have to limit it some what or I end up with a banging headache. But this whole getting sick while knitting thing was just fucked up.

Apparently my brain equated it to 'reading while riding' whilst I was sick. The cross hairs in my brain short circuited about halfway between my hands and my stomache and decided that this was "toss the cookies" time. It didn't straighten out until the bug had run it's course. I gave up on knitting altogether during this time and was rendered 'useless' on all counts.

Once the bug had past, I settled into finishing the scarf I started a few days earlier and knocked it out in a couple of evenings.

Moral to the story: Chinese take out - good. Knitting - good. Slow boat to China - OK. 'Puke and shit fest' combined with all these things - BAD. Never knit and shit while on "slow boat to China".

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