Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Habitat For Humanity ReStore

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Today's post is for all you thrift store junkies out there! I've mentioned several times now about the fact that I used to volunteer in a Habitat For Humanity ReStore. In some parts of the country, the ReStore is a thrift store in the way we usually know a thrift store, with the exception of clothes. They don't sell clothing. But it's a great place for fab finds in the way of vintage furniture, antique furniture, new furniture, dishes, knick-knacks, framed art, etc. It's endless some of the great stuff that can be found in one of these stores.

Some of the ReStores around the country focus more on construction materials for houses and the like. If you're the 'do it yourselfer' and doing some repairs on your house, or even focusing on a remodel of some sort, The ReStore is a THE place to get your needs for these things too.

Cabinets galore. Bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Floor tile. Wall paper. Paint. Rugs. Windows. Doors. Appliances. The list is endless in what these particular stores offer too. A lot of it used. A lot of it new.

All merchandise sold in the ReStores is donated from the general public. A good bit of is donated by businesses like Lowe's, Home Depot, Builders Source, the Room Store, Haverty's, etc... Smaller home town businesses donate too. Most of it comes from residents of the cities and towns where they operate.

Most of the money made in the ReStores goes toward building actual Habitat houses. Some stores do have paid staff and therefore have to use some of the money to towards payroll, but most stores rely strictly on volunteers. Those are the stores you REALLY want to shop. Most of the volunteers are passionate about what they do and it shows in the stores and in customer service. They are passionate about what they are working for.

Because it is costly and environmentally unsound to overflow landfills with waste from construction and renovation, ReSTORE acts as a "thrift shop" for building materials and household items, offering them for sale at hugely discounted prices to the public. Proceeds from ReSTORE sales support the Habitat home building program which partners with hard working, limited income families to build simple, decent, affordable homes.

Habitat ReStores are pretty much all over the country. The only place I know where they're not actually called 'ReStore' is in central Oklahoma. It's called 'Habitat Renovation Station'. VERY unfortunately for me, there's only one Habitat Restore in all of Massachusetts. It's in Plymouth which is about an hour or so away. This is me sobbing uncontrollably now :( If you're into the whole recycle, and thrifting, second hand shopping deal, Habitat ReStore is for you.

If you're looking to get rid of some of that stuff that you just don't use any longer or just don't need, donate it. ReStore will even pick it up for you if you like. Now how great is that?

You'll be doing a great thing for others while getting great deals for yourself.


  1. Are you Kathleen Kennedy??? I had no idea if you were when I started following this blog!

  2. And, you are gorgeous, and I have such tender memories of you - and a younger sister and brother. Wasn't her name Roseanne?

  3. Hi, Kathleen! Loved this post...environmental matters are very close to my heart! Reuse, recycle, up-cycle...we do it all. These Habitat Stores are amazing. Thanks for making this a great highlight here today. Happy 4th weekend! :o)