Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America !!

It's hard to believe it's been 33 years since the Bicentennial of our country. At the end of that summer I entered my freshman year in high school. What memories that brings back. And what a big deal our Bicentennial was. Sooo much anticipation. Soooooo much celebration. Sooooooooooooooo much commemorative 'junk' manufactured for this auspicious occasion.

Last night my sweetie and I were moving a bunch of boxes of miscellaneous 'what have you' from the back porch to the basement...stuff we inherited from his mom recently as she is selling her house and cleaning out YEARS of accumulation. In the mountain of stuff, we ran across two boxes filled with Bicentennial commemorative coffee mugs. They had belonged to my sweetie's dad and are quite nice really. They must have cost a pretty good penny back then.

Running across those mugs at this particular time was kind of a cool thing and it got me to thinking about where I was July 4, 1976. And it got me to thinking about all the years that have passed since then. So much time. So many memories, good and bad. Mostly good. So many things to be grateful for.

I am truly blessed to live in this country. My children and their children are truly blessed to live here too. All the opportunities in life afforded them today could never happen anywhere but here.

My baby girl, my BABY, who turns 22 on Monday (who was very nearly an Independence Day baby, but the hospital's surgical team had that Saturday July 4, 1987 off...and that Sunday too, so she had to wait 'til Monday the 6th to be born), and her lovely hubby drove to Washington D.C. from Nashville, TN yesterday to spend our country's birthday in the most spectacular place on earth place for this event. How fabulous, and how fortunate they are to have the freedom to do this. I am soooooooo very proud my children live in a place where they can choose to do anything they want to do and go anywhere they want to go and say anything they want to say and feel anything they want to feel.

I expect the pictures and the video's from their experience to start rolling into my email around midnight or so tonite.

As for me and my sweetie, we have the freedom to just sit home and enjoy the holiday on our deck with Cat and Dog and the grill and cold beer. We may drive the few blocks to U Mass to watch the fire works display, or we may just sit home and listen to them booming in the distance. We have the freedom to make that choice.

I also have the freedom to get up this morning, cruise the newspaper, check off my destinations and hit the yard sale trail. What a country !!

Have a happy, safe and blessed 4th of July !!!

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