Monday, July 5, 2010

After The Sunday Funnies....

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I just thought this was cute.

I watched the whole HBO series 'John Adams' Saturday night...all seven parts. I couldn't stop watching. It was fabulous. The fact that I love history doesn't hurt either. I recorded it to DVR so I can watch it again at some point...which I will. It would be a great learning tool for kids in school just starting to learn about American History and the Revolutionary War.

If only our Founding Fathers could have seen what their work was going to lead to 234 years later. I think maybe they would have worked longer on the Declaration of Independence to try to avert so much of what we deal with today as a result of our National Government. There's a lot of good in our country, but it seems like the bad is starting to out weigh it.

But I am proud to be a citizen of this country and will do what it takes to protect our freedoms. My youngest son has rejoined the Marines and will be doing that very thing...again. Thank you Scott. Thank you God.

God Bless America.

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  1. We LOVED that John Adams series! I can highly recommend the book that series is based on by David McCullough--one of the best books I ever read! Blessings to your Scott who serves... July 4th is no holiday here in Norway, and neither is Thanksgiving. Living abroad, those are the two holidays I miss. But we Americans abroad take our customs with us. ;o) However, I have a cold just now--not much fun in summer--so no grand 4th celebrating this past weekend here... *sniffles*... ((HUGS))