Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pinky and The Brain Brain Brain Brain....

I woke up with this ditty in my head the other day. I don't know why because I haven't heard it since my youngest child was in Jr. High...and that was some years ago.

From the time she was in the third grade until she was nearly grown, her favorite cartoon on TV was 'Animaniacs'. We watched it together...a lot. My faves of all the different characters and their shorts were 'Pinky and The Brain', 'Mindy and Buttons' and 'Good Idea. Bad Idea'. Pinky and The Brain were mutated lab mice who lived together in a lab somewhere...I'm assuming here in the U.S. The Brain was always scheming dastardly ways to conquer the world. Pinky was his not so bright goofy little side kick with a british accent who said "narf!" a lot. The introduction to the cartoon was a song that if you heard it only a couple of times, stayed with you forever. It was always fun to watch.

'Good Idea. Bad Idea.' was just down right funny. Just a few seconds long, it consisted of a strange looking skull head/skeleton/stick figure of sorts doing things that were good ideas and bad ideas. The narration of each one was voiced by Tom Bodett...the infamous Alaskan DJ who found world wide fame narrating Motel 6 commercials and saying "We'll leave the light on for ya". These silly little good/bad ideas were the best. Nuff said.

Mindy and Buttons - a toddler named Mindy and her dog named Buttons. The mother of Mindy was always leaving her in the care of Buttons, usually in the backyard, to be watched over by him while mom was busy doing something else, being the speaker at meetings about better parenting or being honored as mother of the year. Ha! Needless to say, all kinds of chaos ensued involving Mindy getting into trouble of some sort...without her realizing she was in trouble...and Buttons was the one who took the brunt of physical pain and mental anguish trying to keep her out of trouble. "Silly Puppy". When Mindy's mother would speak to her on her way out, Mindy would always say "OK lady". Mom would try to get her to say 'Mom'. The effort was fruitless. When mom left the room, Mindy would say "OK lady. I Love you. Buh-bye".

My child picked up on that and to this day when we end a phone call, she says in a squeaky little Mindy voice "OK lady. I Love you. Buh-bye." She signs all her emails to me that way too. I wouldn't trade that...or the years we spent watching those silly cartoons together for anything in the world. THAT'S priceless.


Have a knit pickin' good weekend ya'll...and "OK ladies. Love you. Buh-bye!"

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